Makers of Narcos bringing Zahid Ahmed to Netflix

The phenomenal Actor Zahid Khan known for some of the most captivating Pakistani hit dramas like ‘Daldal’ and  ‘Zara Yad Kar’ was  wandering the streets of London during his shoots for ‘Daldal’ when he was approached by  BBC Asian Network.


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They stopped the actor and requested him for an interview, in which he mentioned that he is currently in talks with the Netflix, the producers of popular American TV shows like Narcos, Stranger Things and House of Cards, legion, Marvel and Daredevil.

Zahid revealed that he will be starring in a new Pakistani Drama which will be produced by Netflix.

Zahid shares the exciting news in a BBC Asian Network Interview

In the small interview Zahid commented,

“I am going to divulge something that I really shouldn’t be,” Zahid told BBC Asian Network when asked about his upcoming projects. “I’m in talks with a group that is producing the first Pakistani Netflix original production and I have been approached to play the lead.”

Zahid Ahmed was careful enough not to mention any further details about the new series. All we know is that he is going to be in and I guess that’s enough for us to subscribe to Netflix. You can now easily subscribe to Netflix in only 800 rupees and indulge in the solace of binge-watching a variety of TV shows, documentaries and movies for a whole month without any interruption. Fizza Ali Meerza, the producer of Na Maloom Afraad quoted, “Previously we had only two options. Either sell broadcast rights or upload the film on YouTube for free. But now we have other alternatives.”

Why is it necessary to be pumped about this news?

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I shouldn’t be explaining this but here, let me put it out in writing/typing for you. If you’ve been following Zahid Ahmed and his shows you already know that this handsome lad is dedicated to tackling societal issues and addressing communities about social concerns through his character roles in dramas and not to mention doing so in a dreamy baritone voice.

He said, “As artists, we can put our foot down and say, ‘This story – it’s been done and dusted so we are not going to sign on it,’ What is the channel going to do if artists are saying no to stories like that? So I’m really happy that we’re at that point.”

Zahid Ahmed is a true patriot when it comes to promoting Pakistani artists and their work; we hope to see him carry out his outstanding performances in a number of TV series and hopefully movies to come. Zahid has truly made his fans proud with this delightful news. We wish that he reaches the tallest heights of success in his blossoming career.