Meesha Shafi’s harassment allegations denied by nine witnesses

A session court on Thursday recorded statements of nine witnesses presented by Ali Zafar’s counsel during the defamation case hearing filed against Meesha Shafi.


On May 21, seven witnesses presented by singer, actor Ali Zafar out of nine submitted affidavits in the defamation case against singer Meesha Shafi rejecting her allegations of sexual harassment.

Witnesses including Guitarist Asad Ahmed, bass player Muhammad Ali, drummer Qaisar Zain, backing vocalists Aqsa Ali and Kinza Muneer, saxophone player Muhammad Taqi, percussionist Kashif Chaman, flute player Baqir Abbas and keyboard player Joshua Keith were presented before court as eye-witnesses present at the jam session during which Shafi alleged Zafar to harass her.

The case was heard by Additional Sessions Judge Amjad Ali Shah. During cross-examination, Zain told the lawyers that he was stationed behind the singers during the rehearsal and would have seen if anything even close to what Shafi said had ensued. Ahmed repeated Zain’s statement and said he was watching both singers during the rehearsal.

While Ali and Muneer said they were “shocked” to hear Shafi’s allegations and thought they were “obligated to speak up as women”.

The court set the next hearing date for June 11 and summoned more witnesses.


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