Mohsin Abbas granted anticipatory bail, police barred from arresting him

LAHORE: Actor, singer, Mohsin Abbas Haider appeared in a sessions court in Lahore on Wednesday where he was granted anticipatory bail on payment of Rs50,000 bonds.


The court has also asked Defence C Police Station to submit a detailed report of the case and set the date of August 5 for the next hearing.

Police late Tuesday registered a first information report (FIR) against Haider on behalf of Fatema Sohail, his wife who has accused him of cheating and domestic violence.

The charges of threats to kill as well as a breach of trust was included in the FIR, but police at the Defence station excluded Mohsin Abbas Haider’s extra-marital affair with another woman.

The petition, filed by Sohail, alleges that Haider had an extra-marital affair with a woman, whom he drunkenly brought home with him and whom he took to his bedroom before locking the door behind him.

Karachi’s Defence police station has the proof of the claims, added Sohail.

Ignoring the allegations put forward by the petition, the police said all angles would be considered in the investigation.

Earlier, the statements of both Haider and Sohail were recorded by Raza Safdar Kazmi, the superintendent of police (SP) for the Cantt area. The former had accused the latter of beating, abusing, and assaulting her, and demanding she give him Rs5 million, which she did by borrowing the amount from her father.

Sohail further alleged that although Haider’s behaviour changed for a few days after acquiring the Rs5 million, he went “out of control” again soon afterward and demanded she gives him another Rs5 million. When she refused to do so, he beat her up and verbally abused her.

Sohail also alleged that Haider threatened with a pistol when she told her brother, Muhammad Ali, about the matter.

Prior to this, Fatema said she did not feel “terrified of Mohsin for the first time today.”

Fatema Sohail, who, too, has worked in the media, spoke to journalists at her residence after meeting Punjab Women Protection Authority (PWPA) Chairperson Kaneez Fatima Chahdar, who had come to discuss the matter of alleged torture.

“At the police station, I was not terrified of Mohsin for the first time today,” Fatema said, adding, “Earlier, I used to be petrified all the time about when the abuse would start.”

Chahdar assured her that her organisation would provide her all possible assistance in the case, adding, “no matter how powerful the abuser is, we will make sure they meet their fate.”


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