Momina Mustehsan and Human rights minister Shireen Mazari engage in Twitter Battle over ‘Ko Ko Korina

Web Desk: The latest Coke Studio offering Ko Ko Korina has disappointed many, including Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari, who on Sunday took to twitter and said that such a rendition of a great classic is nothing but a massacre.


In response to the remarks of human rights minister remarks, the acclaimed 26-year-old singer took to Twitter on Monday and stated that she had the right to freedom of expression.

“Horrendous! Destroyed a great classic – why oh why did Coke Studio allow such a massacre of this classic song?,” Shireen Mazari tweeted on Sunday.

In response Momina wrote: “Apologies for hurting ur sentiments. It is ur right to judge us & express ur outrage,just like it was our right to exercise our . As our Minister of , u should appreciate cokestudio for allowing us to express ourselves, esp if it was horrendous.”

In another reply to Momina, the minister tweeted that it was her personal opinion which she is entitled to especially on a non political issue having to do with music.

The Momina-Ahad version of the song, that aired on Coke Studio season 11 marking the Ahads singing debut, has been criticised badly by social media users.


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