My best is yet to come: Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor has been in the film industry for almost four decades but he still has a “strong hunger” to do better work. The actor-producer says that his best work is yet to come.


“My best is yet to come. I still have a strong hunger to do better work. I’ve been in the industry for long, but the hunger is increasing day by day,” Anil, who has done action, romance and comedy on the big screen, said.

He has tried different genres, but Mr.India star says he is not good at giving tips to others.

“I am bad at giving tips. I take tips from anyone I can learn. There is no substitute for hard work. Everyone is talented, but you need to prepare and work hard day and night. Then only you will get success,” he shared.

The Slumdog actor while discussing the TV series and the action sequences involved in it said, “The action sequences are very different from the first season. You can say that in the first season, I did Kathak. This time, it’s Bharatnatyam. I would rehearse for four to five days and then go on the sets. We wanted the result to be better than a film. It’s no less than a film. So we had to prepare more and work harder to achieve that.”

Sharing his shooting experience he said: “The show has taken almost 200 days for shooting, we have already shot for 120-130 days and 70-80 days shoot schedule is still left. I feel that this show will be more liked than the first season.”

He said that when the show’s team shot for the first season, they thought that it was very difficult.


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