‘Neerja’ will establish Sonam Kapoor as a very good actress: Aamir Khan

MUMBAI: Aamir Khan was all praises for Neerja and Sonam Kapoor’s performance after watching a special screening of the movie on February 15 evening.


Praising Sonam highly, Aamir said, “Sonam’s work is extremely good in the film. This is her career’s best performance. After this film, she will establish herself as a very good actress in the industry. Shabana Azmiji’s work is also exemplary in the movie.”

Talking about the film, Aamir Khan said, “I had seen Neerja a few months back. Ram (director) had shown me the film. It’s a true story and Neerja was a very brave girl who showed fearlessness in tough situations. It’s a very inspiring film and it’s about fighting your fears. When a hijack happens and terrorists are in front of you, you feel scared yet how you overcome your fears and fight bravely is what the movie is all about. It’s all about overcoming your own fears.”

When asked what he personally feared in real life, Aamir said that he fears for his family and loved ones and the fear that nothing untoward should happen to them. “Losing of a loved one is my greatest fear,” said Aamir.


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