Om Puri did not die of ‘natural causes’: report

MUMBAI: According to a preliminary postmortem report, Bollywood actor Om Puri did not die of ‘natural causes’ and a close friend of the celebrity claimed that he wanted to meet his son Ishan before he died.


The preliminary postmortem report states that the actor had a head injury, which he might have suffered from as a result of falling from the heart attack. A close friend of the actor also confirmed to the police that Puri had been intoxicated before his death.

The Oshiwara police, who are conducting an investigation into the death of the Bollywood superstar, have probed the actor’s close friend and film producer Khalid Kidwai, who told them that hours before his death, an intoxicated Puri wanted to meet his son. Khalid Kidwai had reportedly been with the actor hours before his death.

“Om Puri wanted to meet his son Ishan on Thursday evening. So we (Kidwai and Om Puri) went to Trishul building where his ex-wife Nandita lives with Ishan but were unable to meet them as both Nandita and Ishan had gone for a party. Om Puri then had an argument over the phone with Nandita and asked them to come soon as he wanted to meet his son,” said Khalid Kidwai.

According to a senior police officer at the Oshiwara police station, police had also grilled Puri’s ex-wife Nandita Das.

“As Khalid Kidwai was with Om Puri since afternoon to hours before his death, we recorded his statement. We will corroborate this piece of information with Nandita’s statement. Only then can we make any conclusion,” said the officer.

Om Puri passed away at the age of 66 on Friday. An outspoken man remembered for his decent demeanour and stellar acting, celebrities from both India and Pakistan mourned his passing.


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