Pemra take notice on GEO TV channel opposed to ‘UTHO JAGO PAKISTAN’

ISLAMABAD – On Thursday, The PEMRA has not so far got any decision over the Defense Ministry’s complaint opposed to Geo TV for maligning Inter-Services Intelligence and the authority issued yet a fresh show cause notice.


Geo TV morning shows in all four provincial headquarters and took the stance in their complaints that Geo had committed blasphemy in its morning show hosted by Dr. Shaista Wahidi.

Shortly, Dr. Shastaa Lodhi, the emcee of the famous morning show, apologized over the inadvertent mistake in the program that made an uproar in various parts of the club.

Agreeing to her statement aired yesterday, the regretful host stated that she along with the entire team feels sorry and tenders an apology for the circumstances that were triggered unintentionally due to the capacity of the program broadcast yesterday.

PEMRA had received thousands of complaints from the people and had issued the notice, PEMRA Complaints Call Centre and website. The complaints are being referred to the Council of Complaints in the light of Section 26 of PEMRA Act 2007, for deciding the matter on an emergent basis within a week.

The thing was still under consideration in the Ministry of Law and it had not responded to the office yet.

“The mass media with their extensive outreach must always be deliberate about the substance they are broadcasting. They must design it in a manner that it does not hurt anyone’s sentiments, especially spiritual,” Rosa stated. He also declared that the SIC would stage a protest sit-in opposed to the channel on Sunday. “We will protest until the satellite channel is banned”, he stated.


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