Renowned TV actress Roohi Bano passes away

LAHORE: Famous actress Roohi Bano passed away on Friday after a prolonged illness. She was reportedly suffering from kidney failure and mental disorder.


According to Bano’s sister, the actor had been on the ventilator for the last 10 days in a hospital in Turkey.

Bano was a well-educated Pakistani actress and a presidential award winner as well.

In Nov 2018, Bano went missing from Lahore’s Fountain House, where she was being treated for her mental illness and was found at her brother’s house. It had been reported that she suffered from psychological problems ever since her son was murdered.

During her career, Bano appeared in many films and also worked with PTV for a long time. Her most famous plays include Zarda Gulab, Qila Kahani, Hairatkada, Darwaza, Kiran Kahani, amongst other. On account of her achievements, she was given assistance from the Pakistani government.


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