Sara Loren is busy in Bollywood movie shooting ‘Ishq Click’

MUMBAI: Sara Loren, Pakistan’s showbiz export to India, who is busy filming her upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Ishq Click’ narrowly missed an accident along the shoot.


Granting to an Indian publication midday, Sara and her co-star Adhyayan Suman in the movie was shooting a romantic scene on Madh Island when several glass bottles, which were used as props, crashed down. When Suman heard a glass chandelier about to come down on them, he quickly reversed into a real life hero and saved his heroine by taking her out.

Music directors produced turned producers Ajay Jaiswal and Satish Tripathi. Anil Balani Directed ‘Ishq Click’ is expected to be a romantic film. This is the third Bollywood film for Pakistani actress and model previously known as ‘Mona Liza’.


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