Shabana Azmi plays role of Rani Jindan in ‘The Black Prince’

In a new film on the life of Punjab’s last king Duleep Singh, actor Shabana Azmi plays Rani Jindan, the queen mother who stood up to the might of the British empire and fought to regain her son’s kingdom.


“The Black Prince”, which also has Satinder Sartaj and Jason Flemyng in lead roles, releases worldwide on July 21. Azmi spoke to Reuters about her role in the movie, how filmmaking in Bollywood is changing for the better, and why she is in a “happy place” at this stage in her life.

She’s wonderful. She is feisty despite the fact that she has been reduced to penury, and her kingdom has been taken away, her son has been taken away from her and she is in dire straits, Azmi said.



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