Singing for Bollywood’s ‘Pink’ became ‘mandatory’ for Quratulain Balouch

MUMBAI: Giving her powerful voice to “Kaari kaari”, an intense song in upcoming Bollywood film “Pink” became “almost mandatory”, says Pakistani singer Qurat-ul-ain Balouch. The reason is personal to her.


It is the story line of the Amitabh Bachchan starrer “Pink” which struck an instant cord with Balouch, popularly referred as QB by her fans.

“Ronnie Lahiri, (one of) the producer(s) of the film, shared the concept of the song and story that highlights rape culture and the biases attached to it. How our society vilifies women, especially when they show defiance against the usual norms and dare to speak up,” she said.

QB admits she could not resist being part of a film that was questioning all of this.

“I have made my way out of a feudal system so giving the song my voice became almost mandatory,” added the singer, whose song “Baliye (Laung gawacha)” from Pakistan’s Coke Studio Season 9 has also become a rage.

The trailer of “Pink”, directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, caused quite a stir with Indian cinematic legend Amitabh posing some hard-hitting questions in a courtroom.

Apart from QB, Pakistani singer Faiza Mujahid has also worked on another song for “Pink”. It is titled “Jeene De Mujhay”.


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