Spider-Man reboot to introduce new villains

Marvel Studio President Kevin Feige has hinted that the upcoming “Spider-Man” movie may include all-new villains which fans have never seen before.


Feige explained that the studio was making innovations with the antagonists in order to differentiate the upcoming movie with previous “Spider-Man” movies, reported AceShowbiz.

“Right now we’re interested in seeing villains we haven’t seen before,” Feige said of the upcoming reboot.

Feige indicated that “Spider-Man” didn’t have to be part of the larger Marvel Universe in order to “work.”

“Stakes don’t need to be end of the world,” he said and added that “Spider-Man” had several differences,strengths, compared to other Marvel movies.

Famous villains of the franchise include Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Venom, The Lizard, Electro, Rhino and multiple versions of the Green Goblin.