To be hot in Hollywood is ‘exhausting,’ says Drew Barrymore

LOS ANGELES: Actress Drew Barrymore says trying to be hot in Hollywood is “exhausting.”


The 40-year-old actress said it is impossible to be at the top all the time.

“Hot is a state of mind. It’s an energy. You’re hot when you’re motivated. Hot isn’t about being on the A-list or having a hot body. It’s literally people who are on fire,” she said.

The “Charlie’s Angels” actress said that celebrities including Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer and Louis CK are currently hot.

Barrymore, who is happy running her business said one should realise as soon as possible that fame is temporary.

“I don’t think I’m hot right now necessarily, because I have all my irons in a bunch of different fires. I’m writing. I’m doing makeup. I’m doing design. I’m expanding (my company) Flower into different categories.

I think it’s a huge mistake to think you have to burn bright for your whole life. You cannot sustain it. It’s exhausting, and it’s not very realistic,” she said.


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