Veena Malik offers her kidney to prominent social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi

Pakistan’s controversial actor Veena Malik today offered to donate her kidney to the ailing prominent social worker and philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi. Malik, 30, made the offer during her visit to Edhi’s residence with her husband Asad Khattack.


Edhi, who has gained numerous awards and credit for his employment through his Sattar Edhi Welfare Trust, has been keeping ill for some time now with a severe kidney complaint.

“I proposed to donate my kidney to him because I feel Pakistan needs more people and leaders like him to indicate us the path. He is a beacon of light for all of us,” Malik told reporters after she also travelled to the Edhi Child Centre. But Edhi has politely declined Malik’s offer.

Malik had shocked Pakistanis after moving to India for employment where she made some instructions and did controversial photo shoots and films considered scandalous by Pakistani standards. But since becoming married to a US-based Khattack, she claims to have reformed herself and recently performed Umra with her hubby.

“I found spiritual peace after meeting with Sattar Edhi and would wish to help people like him,” she stated.


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