ECP wants unpaid Pakistan Steel Mills employees to perform election duties

Web Desk: ECP has asked one of the biggest state owned institutes of the country to provide 3000 employees to perform electoral duties in different parts of Sindh, of which 1700 are to be stationed in Malir.


Election commission of Pakistan has ordered the steel mills employees to perform election duties in extremely torrid conditions, with the steel giant suffering massive losses for over a decade due to subsequent mishandling of the regimes in power.

The ‘Joint Action Committee’ of Steel Mills employees have issued an open letter to the concerned authorities to hear their valid reservations and act accordingly.

Their list of reservations is as follows:

The women employees of Steel Mills have been stationed in far flung areas of the metropolis where reports of harassment and uncalled for behavior with them are becoming rampant, the employee action committee demands that their duty offices be announced closer to their residencies so they can handle the situation in a better way if unforeseen circumstances arise or to declare their duties defunct due to a possibility of things going sour.

Secondly, perhaps the most Important of all the issues is the non-payment and delay of salaries of the Institution for the past 4 months, education department of Steel Mills are yet to be paid for an insurmountable 8 months.

Steel Mill Employees have not been paid for 4 months, the education branch under the institute remains unpaid for 8 months.

Thirdly, the polling schemes should not be changed again and again because that is creating undue hindrances for the employees who are willing to perform their tasks to the best of their abilities.

An impartial history of the Steel Mills and of most of the state enterprises` failures and ultimate destruction will show that no single government alone deserves the `credit` of the so-called economic terrorism.

Almost all governments in the past, including the PPP ones, have made their `generous contribution` to what has happened to the Steel Mills. Patronizing gross corruption and burdening the institute with about 24,000 employees when their was only need and space for 7,000 to 8,000 are just two examples.




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