CJP’s Dam fund and PM’s fund merged to tackle water scarcity by PM Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday termed water crisis to be the biggest issue of the country and sought assistance from overseas Pakistanis to help overcome it.


The prime minister said he has been taking presentations since the last two week on the issues of the nation.

“The largest problem is the water issue in the country.”

We need to build dams from today or we could face massive water scarcity, he emphasized.

I congratulate CJP Nisar on his initiative, although this is not the Chief Justice’s responsibility.

I have met Saqib Nisar today, We are combining the Dam Fund and PM’s Fund in our sincere efforts to make dams and save ourselves from the water crisis.

“The CJP has collected 1800 Million rupees in the fund so far, I urge all the overseas Pakistani’s to play their part.”

“Not everyone can pay 1000 dollars, I am aware, but whatever you can, I urge you all to give donations, If someone is willing to pay more than thousand dollars then please do so.”

“Building dams is a priority, it’s a necessity and this supersedes everything else, we can’t take more loans to build dams.”

“We are suffering from a massive economic collapse and more loans will plunge us further down the ladder, I will safeguard your hard earned money.”

“I take complete onus of using your money for the righteous cause.”

He also appealed to overseas Pakistanis to invest in the country, deposit money and send remittances in Pakistani banks. Last month, overseas Pakistanis were granted the right to vote in the upcoming by-elections.



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