How long Nawaz may sustain his political legitimacy?

Nawaz Sharif has been ousted. It was an imminent fact that was written on the wall of politics. His disqualification brought joy for his adversaries; to whom he was just the king of corruption, Mal practices. Ironically, his ouster could not guarantee that his exit from the reigns of government premises, would also ensure his politics to reach logical conclusion.


Narrative of making Nawaz the former Prime Minister; who claims to be the leader of the poverty stricken masses, to be the epitome of corruption, and being awarded the title of ‘Sicilian Mafia’ by the respected Justice. Asif Saeed Khosa, rendered perception that this would prove to be last nail in the coffin.

So far, he and his party aides has been able to play victimization card, and might opt to contend, resist, or perhaps malign institutions for being partisan. He and his stalwarts from the day one, when JIT(Joint Investgation team) grilled them to find their source of income, as ordered in Panama verdict on April 20th, 2017 by the three honorable judges from the 5 member larger bench of Supreme Court; the Pakistan Muslim League(N) alleged JIT to be controlled by invisible hand. Though never disclosing the name, it was evident from their rhetoric that where they were referring to!. They called them ‘Puppeteers’, who via PTI(Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf) staged this ‘conspiracy’.

All this, allegations, counter-allegations proved to be futile for PML(N) ranks. Now, Nawaz is not the chief executive, and to many legal experts he is not also eligible to actively participate in political process, due to his disqualification. But, politics has different routes, neither it follows in accordance with the law nor with morality. It eventually blossoms with perception and how much we detest, the PML(N) thrives on it.
Disseminating the perception of being pulled out from the main stream, because of being committed with the national cause of prosperity, better law and order situation prevailing all across the country, will make them intact. But this does not give any person/party the pretext to claim success. If his or her known source of income does not corroborate with his lavish lifestyle; he is corrupt by every sane thought process. Unfortunately, opposition parties could not build the alternate narrative to counter the tall claims of success made by PML(N) ranks. Nawaz Sharif could sustain his political legitimacy through lambasting institutions, but this isall for the time being. His ever last sustainability and remaining relevant depends clearing himself from the references filed against him in the accountability court. If otherwise, he fails to do so,then how much Mr. Sharif cries of being undermined, suppressed shall be just good for News leads, breaking news and analysis.