More MQM leaders arrested in Baldia factory fire incident

KARACHI: A significant progress in Baldia factory fire incident has been observed after the confessional statement of central figure Abdur Rahman alias Bhola in front of the magistrate.


Sources have revealed that other workers of MQM were also involved in the incident and arrests of MQM workers have also taken place in this regard.

According to sources, Hammad Siddiqui was the one who was of the opinion that Rs 25 crore as extortion money should be demanded from Ali Enterprises.

However, when the factory owners revealed that they cannot gave any amount exceeding Rs 1 crore, Hammad Siddiqui ordered angrily ordered to set the factory ablaze.

Sources also confirmed that the task of setting the factory ablaze was appointed to Zubair Charya.

Hammad Siddiqui was informed once the work was done as was revealed by the sources.

Moreover, Hammad Siddiqui also ordered those who set the factory on fire to take part in the rescue work.

Bhola confessed that Rauf Siddiqui filed a case against the owners through pressuring tactics.

He admitted that both Rauf Siddiqui and Hammad Siddiqui demanded 4 to 5 crore for the assurance of the clearance of case filed.

The criminal also confessed that they set up a camp for four days in Baldia factory and it was told to them that reference would be used for clearing the matter.


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