Postal ballot papers burnt in NA-216, PS-43-45 Sanghar on alleged Shazia Mari’s assistant orders

SANGHAR: A blatant violation of code of conduct issued by Election Commission of Pakistan has been reported, revolving around alleged orders to burn postal ballot papers of Grand Democratic Alliance(GDA) and Muslim League(functional) candidates on behest of the Pakistan People’s Party stalwart Shazia Mari’s assistant.


According to sources, around 1200 ballot papers in NA-216 and PS43 to 45 Sanghar district were burned down, allegedly on the directions of Shazia Mari.

A leaked phone call suggests direction were given by Shazia Mari, sources confided.

However, uptil now miss Shazia has not responded to the allegations for influencing, coercing electoral process—- which is, if proven, a blatant violation of ECP’s code of conduct.

This is a developing story



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