SC should give verdict soon, country in stalemate: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has requested the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) to announce the verdict of Panamagate Case as soon as possible.


Speaking to media on Sunday, Khan said that everything has come to a standstill in wake of the court’s verdict.

He said, ‘I request to the Supreme Court, on behalf of the whole nation to announce the verdict as soon as possible’.

The Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman stated that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif cannot escape disqualification. He added that the premier has gone to Maldives on his own request.

He stated that the money which I received after selling London flat was brought back to Pakistan.

‘The whole government is working to save Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif,’ Khan said.

PTI chairman added that Sharif family has hidden wealth billions of rupees.”

He went on to say that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar owns houses worth billions in Dubai.

He stated that all players who play county cricket in England buy flats in Dubai.

The PTI chairman added that media works for protecting democracy.

He claimed Jang and Geo group owner Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman said that he is a businessman not a journalist.

The PTI chief went on to say that Mir Shakil is using his channel to protect Sharif family.

‘All criminals are joining forces,’ he stated.

Khan stated that a bureaucrat is building a plaza in Dubai worth billions. He asked, ‘From where he got so much money?’

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is doing a ‘good job’ as an opposition party.


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