Suspending Cellular services: An unusual way of combating terror

As cellular services are suspended in a bid to secure Muharram processions; it is not quite understandable, that this remains to be the only way to prevent security lapse.


For instance there are many other ways that may be used in managing security for Ashura processions. Think! if cellular services are suspended, blocked for a time being and if any emergency occurs at personal level, what will be the outcome?

And generally speaking, many businesses are affected due to the blockage of cellular services.

One apparent example is GPS tracking unit. It can be assumed that terrorists use vehicles and are largely connected with whats app, rather than networks, because it hides their malicious act.

Whatsapp is not traceable, and is used in different terrorist activities. Suspending cellular services is detrimental, counter productive as Intelligence agencies can’t trace record of moving vehicles of possible suspects.

Whereas Online taxi services have halted operations till the ban is lifted effecting millions of daily commuters in an already over saturated and overpopulated city like Karachi which has already been declared the worst place for driving a vehicle by a German tech firm which was conducting a research on the matter.

What we  need a more concerted, well coordinated actions. A strong security policy will be more effective in combating terror.

Yes! this may be useful for a temporary period, but not durable in the longer run.



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