Lecturer commits suicide after falsely accused of harassment

A lecturer named Muhammad Afzal of Government M.A.O College in Lahore has committed suicide after he was accused of false harassment charges. The lecturer’s formal letter written to the professor of college and inquiry officer, Alia Rehman, along with his suicide note is heavily circulating on social media. His suicide note and a formal letter have ignited fury among the netizens.


The victim had explained the ordeal of facing false harassment charges in the letter. Muhammad Afzal moaned that the false harassment accusation has tarnished his image, ruined his career, and disturbed his family life. His wife had left him following the allegations, leaving him devastated.

He requested the inquiry officer Alia Rehman to rusticate the student of Mass Communication department, who had levelled false allegations on him. Since he was cleared in the inquiry and awaits justice. He demanded the management to take actions, which will restore his image in the college.


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