USA Vaccine Programme Begins Successfully Along With Other Countries

A few days ago after the arrival of the first batch of the coronavirus vaccine in the USA, it is being administered to the virus patients. Vaccinations consecutively also began in Canada and other parts of the world.


Earlier in a press briefing Trumps aide, Kayleigh Mcnany, told the media that the vaccine had been developed in record time by the Trump administration where it was said that it would take more than five years by many for the vaccine to arrive, similarly it was reported by OAN One America News.

The first shots were given at the American vaccination scheduling on Monday, opening a new chapter in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more people in the United States – over 300,000 – than in any other country.

President Trump posted on Twitter: “First Vaccine Administered. Congratulations USA! Congratulations WORLD!”

The new Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was administered at Queens Medical Center. The vaccine was authorised by The FDA after President Trump pressed the FDA for quick action on the approval of the vaccine. It was a hopeful step for New York State, which the virus has scarred profoundly, leaving more than 35,000 people dead and severely weakening the economy.

Monday morning, shortly before the shot was given to Sandra Lindsay, a nurse and the director of patient services in the intensive care unit of a Medical Centre. State officials said the shot was the first to be given outside of a vaccine trial in the United States.

Ms. Lindsay, who has treated patients throughout the pandemic, said that she hoped her public vaccination would instill confidence that the shots were safe. “I have seen the alternative, and do not want it for others,” she said. “I feel like healing is coming. I hope this marks the beginning of the end of a very painful time in our history.”

Shortly afterward, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City said at a news conference: “To me, we were watching an incredibly historic moment, and the beginning of something much better for this city and this country.”

While the first dose of the vaccine was administered in New York, people across the nation began receiving it on Monday as well. There was plenty of applause and some tears as news cameras captured the mundane rituals of an injection, underscoring the pent-up hope that this was the first step in getting past the pandemic.

The vaccinations started after the F.D.A.’s emergency authorization by The White House of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on Friday night. On Sunday, trucks and cargo planes packed with the first of nearly three million doses of coronavirus vaccine had fanned out across the country, as hospitals in all 50 states rushed to set up inoculation sites and their anxious workers tracked each shipment by the hour. But the rollout is less centralised in the United States than in other countries that are racing to distribute it according to varying reports.

According to Gen. Gustave F. Perna, the chief operating officer of the federal effort to develop a vaccine, 145 sites were set to receive the vaccine on Monday, 425 on Tuesday and over 60 on Wednesday.

A majority of the first injections given on Monday are expected to go to high-risk health care workers, which is natural so they can be safe while treating the infected. In many cases, this first, limited delivery would not supply nearly enough doses to inoculate all of the doctors, nurses, security guards, receptionists and other workers who risk being exposed to the virus every day. The side effects of the vaccine are reported to be varying till now.

Residents of nursing homes, who have suffered a disproportionate share of Covid-19 deaths, are also being prioritised and are expected to begin receiving vaccinations next week. The White House and relevant authorities are yet to decide the distribution to the public of the vaccine and its policies.

The global scheme to deliver Covid-19 vaccines to poorer countries faces a “very high” risk of failure, potentially leaving nations home to billions of people with no access to vaccines until as late as 2024 it is said via internal documents, but is not confirmed yet.

Pakistan is one of the fortunate countries, which is due to receive the vaccine very soon after the approval of procuring it.


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