Indian pilot arrested in US and deported for downloading child pornography

An unnamed Indian pilot was sent back to New Delhi after being arrested for accessing and downloading child pornography on Saturday.


The pilot was arrested right after his flight from Delhi landed in San Francisco. He was immediately evicted from the plane by the authorities.

The pilot, who is a first flight officer working for a courier company of India, often travels to US. It is customary for all flights arriving in US to provide a complete list of passengers and crew to the US Bureau of Customs and Border Protection within 15 minutes of flight’s departure.

A source stated that, “FBI agents must have waited for him to re-enter the US. He was arrested, his passport seized, his US visa cancelled. He was then put back on a flight to Delhi and deported from the US,” while mentioning that the doors of US have forever closed for him.

“It was later learnt that he had been under scanner of the FBI for the past two months for accessing and downloading child pornography. His internet usage in hotels during layovers in the US was monitored to gather evidence. The FBI has apparently sent a sealed dossier with the evidence to Indian authorities,” another source affirmed.

An official from the said courier service was quoted saying the incident occurred due to some ” visa issues” while at least three independent sources believed downloading of child pornography to be the cause of arrest and deportation.

US federal law considers any visual depiction of inappropriate conduct with a minor as child pornography and the law prohibits “any persons outside of the United States to knowingly produce, receive, transport, ship or distribute child pornography with the intent to import or transmit the visual depiction in the United States.”


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