Gas Crises Hit Again

WebDesk: Karachi: The gas crises that has been unstable because of the winter season, and in the wake of the prices due to the shortage of the commodity in Pakistan, the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSG) has announced to keep CNG stations closed in the province of Sindh for three days starting from today (Monday).


Official Sources

According to an official announcement made today, CNG fuel gas will now be available in Sindh at 8am on Thursday. LNG and local fuel gas pumps will also remain closed, the SSG officials added.


The Crises and the Cargoes

The gas crisis has escalated in Pakistan during the past few months especially after authorities’ falling short in getting hold of three cargoes of LNG because of the bids were received at a fixed price in ‘dollar terms’ at $12.95 to $15.95 per MMBtu and the government decided not go ahead with procuring these cargoes of LNG.


An update from our earlier news, we had informed via sources that the government said that it had arranged 12 LNG cargoes for January 2021, a statement by the Petroleum Division spokesperson read.

The spokesperson said additional LNG has also been arranged in some expected cargoes, according to reports.

For January 2021, 30% more and cheaper LNG is being sought after, as compared to the rates and quantity in January 2018, the spokesperson had said, adding that the SSGC is facing low gas pressure in Karachi and Quetta.


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