Coronavirus Count Rises to a Steeper Level

According to sources,the COVID cases have surged alarmingly in the past few weeks.


A sudden rise in the cases have been reported from healthcare, the front line workers such as medical personnel who tirelessly have been performing their duties in saving lives.

This comes at a time when COVID-19 cases in Pakistan have again picked up the pace and authorities inform of the anticipated second wave of the COVID.

With the rising number of COVID cases in the country, it is estimated that around 10,050 healthcare workers have tested positive for the ailment and 98 have passed away pertaining to the same. The data is presented as is obtained from the ministry of national health services .

The death toll with 34 healthcare workers succumbing to COVID has been recorded in the province of Sindh. This was followed by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which has reported 24 deaths as of earlier, today.


Province Wise Cases:


SINDH: 164,651


KPK: 44,932


PUNJAB: 115,138






AJK/GB: 6,203 / 4,558


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