Eid-ul-Fitr to be celebrated in Pakistan on Wednesday as moon sighted

KARACHI: Eid-ul-Fitr moon sighted on Tuesday as announced by Ruet-e-Hilal committee chairman, Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman which marks the first day of Eid (First Shawwal) on Wednesday (5th June).


The meeting of the moon searching committee was held in Karachi.

The trend of two Eids in Pakistan has not been broken as the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa celebrated Eid today (Tuesday) after the provincial government announced that it has collected testimonies about the visibility of crescent from erstwhile Tribal areas (Fata).

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry was critical of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government’s decision to celebrate Eid on June 4, terming it an “embarrassment.”

Moreover, the federal minister was in hot water with Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman over the creation of a lunar calendar. Mufti Munneb was of the view that beginning the month of Islam on lunar calendar was un-Islamic– stirring a controversy.


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