Gas Shortage and Low Pressure Hits The Average Pakistani Again

Winter has arrived with full gusto, well almost and our country’s gas crisis along with the cold weather.


This is the usual hue and cry in cities and tows of Pakistan, where the cold weather promises a chilling few months ahead. Cities and Towns like, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Northern belt and GB, and the list goes on. This particular shortage has been faced since years for the need, for both the warming of houses, using gas heaters, and the need to cook food in the same.

Where fuel needs for the automobiles is concerned it is reported that CNG stations are being closed in two provinces, while gas supply to the stations is being suspended in another two provinces reportedly.

SSGC announced the closure of CNG stations in the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan for two days – Mondays and Saturdays.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab, SSGC said that gas supply to CNG stations would be suspended. The suspension in KP has been announced for four days and in Punjab indefinitely, which is usually the case of the gas being provided for 2 days and then not for the following two days – hopefully this might become better soon.


The Story of Our Lives: Low gas pressure in homes

The shortage of gas and its low pressure has been a constant matter of extreme unease for the average Pakistani home, not only during the winter season but also during summer and fall. Families are freezing, hungry and worried.


Present Status

In Quetta, low gas pressure was reported in Raisani Town, Arif Road, Mir Ahmad Khan Road, Najamuddin Road, Kawari Road and adjoining areas.

Punjab dwellers are saying they have to buy LPG gas because of this and the prices are exorbitant because of the dealers charging more while the cold of winter frosts. Due to lack of gas, houses, flats, hospitals and places of worship (mosques) have become cold storages.

Everyone is protesting the reduction in the gas pressure. They are saying they are forced to use compressors because of the low gas pressure. Those gas compressors are another threat if they are not up to the standard or not handled correctly.

Officials of the SSGC, however, have said, Balochistan is getting all the gas it needs.

Government arranges 12 LNG Batches
The government has arranged 12 cargoes of LNG for January 2021, a statement delivered by the spokesperson, Petroleum Division. The spokesperson also added that additional LNG has also been arranged in some cargoes.

For the month of January, 2021, 30% more and cheaper LNG is being sought for compared to the rates and quantity in January 2018, apparently, the spokesperson said.


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