Giltgit Baltistan Elections Unofficial Results Show PTI Leading

Web Desk: Gilgit Baltistan: The unofficial results for the Gilgit Baltistan Elections so far has shown PTI as the emerging party in the elections followed by PPP, PML-N, JUI-F, MWM and Islami Tehreek. The yet to be confirmed polling results showed that the PTI took nine seats followed by independent candidates contesting the elections bagging six seats with PPP on four seats, PML-N, JUI-F, MWM and Islami Tehreek Pakistan with one seat.


Voting process here began at 8:00am and continued till 5:00pm consecutively with women and the elderly showing up with due enthusiasm to cast their votes at the designated polling stations. However, in Ghizer, Baltistan, Hunza and Sost the process was slow due to heavy snowfall.



According to the first unofficial count, PPP’s Muhammad Ismail won the election in GB-24 constituency by securing approximately 6,206 votes while PTI candidate Syed Shamsuddin followed with 5,361 votes.

MWM candidate Muhammad Kazim, an ally of the PTI, won the election in GB-8 constituency scoring with approximately 7,534 votes. PPP’s Syed M Ali Shah followed here, second with 7,146 votes.

PTI candidate Raja Azam Khan took the lead with approximately 7,534 votes while PPP’s Imran Nadeem, bagged 7,146 votes approx.

Independent candidate Javed Ali Manwa secured an approximate vote count of 2,570 votes in GB-5 constituency while MWM candidate Rizwan Ali secured second approximately 1,850 votes.

Independent candidate Mushtaq Hussain got approximately 6,051 votes in the GBA-22 whereas PTI candidate Muhammad Ibrahim Sanai followed with an approximately 4,945 votes.

PTI Raja Zakaria Khan Maqpoon took the lead with approximately 5,290 votes outnumbering the former Chief Minister of PPP who secured Syed Mehdi Shah who secured an approximate 4,114 votes in GB-7 constituency.

PPP candidate Amjad Hussain secured an approximate 4,716 votes in GB-4 election whereas ITP candidate Muhammad Ayub followed with an approximate 4,291 with PTI Zulfiqar Ali followed on an approximate 2,200 votes.

Independent candidate Raja Nasir Ali Khan took the victory with approximately 4,667 votes in GB-10 Skardu-IV constituency followed by PTI Wazir Hassan with 3,344 votes approximately.

PTI Muhammad Khalid Khurshid Khan won with approximately 4,836 votes in GB-13 Astore-I, while Abdul Hamid Khan of the PPP followed with 3,117 votes respectively.

PTI Nazir Ahmed won in GB-20 Ghizer-II, securing approximately 5,582 votes, while PML-Q Khan Akbar Khan followed with an approximate vote count of 4,800.

The GB-3 Gilgit-III constituency’s election were postponed after the unfortunate passing away of one candidate of PTI Justice (R) Syed Jaffar Shah due to COVID-19 on October 10. PML-N candidate Dr. Iqbal switched parties, joining the PTI in the constituency. A later date is set for the election.

Around 330 candidates, which also included four women, were trying for the 24 electoral seats in the third legislative assembly of Gilgit-Baltistan this year with over 15,000 security personnel called from GB, Punjab, KP, Sindh and Balochistan, deployed at the polling stations.


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