Actress Meera’s Dual Nikkah: Family court rules in favor of Atiq-ur-Rehman after 9 years

Lahore: According to reports received by NewsOne the family court has ruled in favor of the defendant Atiq-Ur-Rehman in the Meera marriage saga, with reports of her indulging in a dual nikkah (Marriage upon marriage) which is considered illegal in Pakistan and Shariah.


The controversial actress’s father Sarwer Shah had claimed earlier that his daughter has already signed a nikkah with Captain Naveed in the US about two years ago (2015) and now, the families are simply hosting the receptions amidst reports of her tying the knot soon till Atiq-Ur-Rehman objected to the union and the legal proceedings started.

Meera has already faced massive backlash for a viral video showing her and her soon-to-be husband Naveed in compromising situations.

“Meera has had her nikkah with Captain Naveed already but there was this issue of Sheikh Atique that sprung up; he was claiming to be married to my daughter,” said Sarwar.

Lahore’s family court judge, Babar Nadeem had announced a verdict compiled on 18 pages declaring the union between Atiq and Meera as legal and valid, making it official that Atiq was indeed telling the truth about his and Meera’s marriage.

The judge ruled that the Nikkah was based on facts and truth and even the master of ceremony (Nikkah Khwan) had pledged to the union.

Meera who herself had petitioned in the court to declare Atiq’s claims as fraudulent and unfounded and claimed that Atiq had conjured up a fake Nikkah document to harass her, in 2009.


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