China port closed for public after few days of enjoyment

Web Desk: China Port, also known as Oyster Rocks in layman term, has been banned for Public to visit as Section 44 imposed by authorities.


China Port was basically built to protect large ships from high tide as it is not a entertaining spot, said KPT.  Authorities will also take strict action against the violation.

The China port has been made has been made in collaborating with Hong Kong-based Hutchison Ports and Karachi Port Trust (KPT).

Oyster Rocks is a 2.5 kilometer long breakwater built at a cost of billions of rupees to secure the South Asia Pakistan Terminal.

The site quickly became a major attraction for photographers, tourists, videographers, and general folk.

On weekends, the place was packed with families, leaving it with piles of trash and sea litter that affects the marine life eventually.

Why it has been closed as Tetra-pods have ability of stopping huge waves?

These waves have a lot of power in them can be dangerous to nearby structures, shore or ships. When tetrapods are placed in an interlocking pattern, they form a porous boundary.

So if at any time the sea decides to throw huge waves, these rocks will absorb a portion of the power thanks to their porous nature. This effectively protects the shores from damages caused by strong and angry waves.

The KPT said that they have imposed the ban to protect citizens from themselves and make sure no one gets hurt at the port.


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