Karachi’s most popular food street ‘Do Darya’ shutting down soon


Web Desk: The most famous food street of Karachi ‘Do Darya’ located around Arabian Sea to be shut down after Ramadan in June, sources informed Newsone.


According to details, in 2010, the restaurants entered a licensing agreement with DHA, the agreement, which was for a period of two years, later some restaurants obtained a stay order from the Sindh High Court (SHC) for four years in 2014 which ends in May 2018.

As many as 7 restaurants have been sealed so far by DHA. On the other hand employees of the food street working at different restaurants have lodged protest against DHA.


“Around 10,000 employees are working at different food restaurants. DHA suddenly has sealed many restaurants which were closed for renovation work,” said owner of the one restaurant while talking to media.

He was of the view that restaurants were sealed without informing the owners. A source said that the DHA had already taken over a number of establishments in the vicinity and posted its guards there.

Do Darya is very well known dining spot these days, this spot is famous for last many years. Many people visit this place for smooth breeze in the evening, many who have interest in fishing also use to go there for fulfill their fishing hobby and also enjoy delicious food with a beautiful sea view.

Karachiites are not happy over the decision and most of them have shown their reaction over Twitter.


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