Sweet ‘Chai’ of Mine

You’re definitely a Karachite if your banyan is drenched in sweat and your face carries a harsh expression which maybe translated to “Why me?” . After decently describing the lovable weather of Karachi,let’s take an imaginary ride to a concrete island we like to call Saddar.


The busy streets with donkeys parked at regular intervals, the sounds of verbal abuse coming from the congested streets filled with people dressed in rugged shalwar kameez with their hands in all the right places *cough*.

The land of the poor, the home of the needy.

This 3rd world country comes alive with a colorful atmosphere and arrays of restaurants all perched up with their Soft drink ad sponsored billboards and littered porches and sidewalks. Oh don’t get me wrong it’s a part of our recycling initiative to dump trash at every empty spot available.\

Littering is a part of what we do best. Let revolution take control, let it take our soul, we will litter to our hearts content.

But before we give ourselves up to the satirical base of our nation, it is highly ironic that we can all come to terms of agreement whenever we are offered “chai”.

Nothing beats all that breeze of sweet aroma from the original Quetta dhabas(kiosks/tea-stalls) opened up in every corner of this city.

Despite us being filthy and trying to maintain a semblance of what is called a personal hygiene standard, we break our oath the moment we see a “garam cup of chai.”


We are called the caffeine addicted Nation, ranking as one of the world’s highest tea consuming country. Tea is endorsed as a form of hospitality in the Pakistani culture.

Chai serves to be a perfect drink for all occasions whether it’s a meeting with friends, discussion over politics, arranging a marriage proposal, or a post brunch beverage or as we like to call it, “The shaam is chai” ritual.

Chai fulfills every purpose even if you’re alone and want to enjoy a good book or a movie.

Being a chai lover myself here’s my description,

The aroma that kicks in like a high potency sedative, a trip for every addict. The infusion of warm blended tea leaves immersed into a dispersion of milk and water transcends you into a state of eternal bliss. The caffeine is certainly stimulating, making the exhaustion whither away with each sip.

I can’t think of a drink that could replace my feeling for tea. Chai has become a part of my daily routine. I need at least 3-5 cups a day to mark my day as complete. It has become my source of energy, a craving and a need, a want, a necessity.

Chai- Health in a cup

The concoction has a number of beneficial health traits, some of which are:

• Contains antioxidants (chemical agents that reduce signs of aging and help get rid of bad cells)
• Reduces chances of heart attacks
• Boosts immune system
• Helps protects your bones
• Reduces feeling of fatigue and headaches

Without further ado, I conclude that chai has proven to be every Pakistani’s all-time favorite refreshment, and makes a strong case to be it’s national beverage. We might live in a dump of a city but cherishing the little things is what makes it feel less like a dump and more like home.

May the dhabas light your way home, rest assured chai will always, Fix you!


Junior - Taleem Aam Karaingay - Juniors ko Parhaingay