KARACHI: Two polio cases surface in a daytime

Two polio cases surfaced in the country on Monday, with one in Karachi and another in Miranshah, a town of North Waziristan.


The latest event in Karachi was reported from its area Gadap Town.

The health officials said the polio virus was detected in a one-and-a-half-year-old son, who is a resident of Gadap Town.

They sounded out the parents of new polio-inflicted child had turned away to get polio drops administered to their kid. While another polio case was detected in Miranshah in a 14-month-old infant girl.

Prime Minister Polio Cell confirmed that the figure of polio cases has reached 61 in the nation, with two fresh shells.

 Last month, a seven-month-old kid was found inflicted with polio in the same neighborhood – Gadap Town, where parents often refuse to take their kids immunized against poliomyelitis.

Gadap town is enlisted as a high – risk area for acute anterior poliomyelitis.


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