Mamond tribesmen formed a comic Lashkar (militia)

KHAR: In Bajaur Agency the Mamond tribesmen formed a comic Lashkar (militia) to prevent infiltration of militants in the areas close to Pakistan-Afghanistan border and eliminate insurgents hiding there later than security forces postponed its planned performance in five small towns in the area.


On Thursday, the Mamond Qaumi Laskhar was formed in the time of a jirga of the tribesmen of Loe Mamond and Warh Mamond tehsils here. A large number of tribal elders and members of peace committees attended the jirga.

The jirga discussed law and order situation in the region and strategy for launching an effective action opposed to the suspected militants in the border villages of the authority.

Pro-government tribal elders, leaders of various political parties and members of peace commissions, including Malik Abdul Aziz Khan, Malik Ataullah Khan, Malik Mohammad Ayaz Khan, Malik Sultanzeb Khan, Dr Khail Khan, Qari Abdul Majeed and Malik Shatar Khan addressed the Jirga.

The speakers praised the role of MNA Haji Bismillah Khan, tribal elders, political leaders and local administration in putting off the planned military operation in the perimeter areas of Mamond tehsil.

The speakers stated that Mamond tribesmen were united and alert to counter cross-border attacks in the area. “Mamond tribe has the heart and courage to oppose against the militants. We reassure the security powers that we will defeat militants whenever they attack the perimeter regions.


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