Altaf blames Zardari-military nexus for victimization


LONDON: Frustrated over a growing public outburst against him after his anti-military speech, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) party chief Altaf Hussain on Thursday assaulted Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Asif Ali Zardari for leaving him in the lurch.


“Zardari was already hand in glove with the military establishment. And he is still in a hookup with the generals of armed forces,” Hussain said in a statement issued here in London.

In the next breath, a grumpy Hussain claimed to have ‘nursed’ Mr Zardari through a long ordeal when his own party, the PPP had turned its back on him.

“I stood by him when he was disowned by his very own,” said he.

Altaf Hussain went ahead to regret his not being able to understand as to why Zardari raised ‘Pakistan Khappay’ slogan.

“I thought Zardari was serious in building (a better) Pakistan. I was wrong,” the MQM head said lamenting.

Responding to a recent spate of allegations slapped on the MQM, Hussain in the strongest of words denied his party had ever killed a policeman.

“There’s no blood of any law enforcement agent on MQM’s hands. We are clean,” claimed Hussain.