Altaf Hussain booked in 27 cases for provocative speeches


KARACHI: As many as twenty seven cases have on Monday been registered against Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain for provocative speeches in Jacobabad and Khayrpur Mirus.


According to the FIR registered, Altaf Hussain made provocative speeches against a security agency.

FIRs were registered against the MQM chief in 3 police stations of Jacobabad. A citizen named Abdul Khaliq registered an FIR against Altaf Hussain in Airport police station.

In Saddar police station, the case was registered by a citizen named Ejaz Shah while a man named Muhammad Mitthal registered a case against him in Dodapur police station. All the cases were registered under Section 153.

According to the text of the FIR, Altaf Hussain used derogatory terms for Pakistan’s security agencies and targeted Pakistan’s national security and its institutions.

It says that the MQM chief wanted to create problems in Sindh and Karachi with his provocative speeches.

On the other hand, cases against Altaf have also been registered in Khayrpur’s Three Meervah and Faiz Ganj police stations. Various citizens have filed applications under which more cases are being registered.

Separately, Advocate Aftab Wark has named Altaf Hussain in another FIR in old Anarkali police station bashing MQM chief for his unethical words against army.