ATMs has exhausted all the money in few hours

KARACHI: The automated teller machines of almost all the banks frustrated their customers despite State Banks instructions to assure the availability of cash on Eid.


Agreeing to a survey, disappointed shoppers were caught in long queues at ATMs in main shopping areas of Saddar, Tariq Road, Haidri market and Boulton Market late Tuesday to find cash to complete their last minute Eid shopping.

Majority of them came back home empty handed when they ran out to get cash despite lots of attempts at different ATMs. An official of a leading bank stated that rush for cash withdrawal at ATMs has exhausted all the money in few hours and it was not feasible to refill ATMs in time in late hours.

Likewise, the largest ATM network operator in Pakistan 1LINK has also urged all member banks to insure the accessibility of their ATM service during Eid holidays so that customers can draw money.


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