Ayyan Ali’s release orders issued


RAWALPINDI: The release orders of supermodel Ayyan Ali, who has been granted bail in currency smuggling, were issued on Thursday. She is likely to be released today after spending three months in jail.


Banking Court Judge Sabir Sultan accepted security bonds of the accused and signed her release orders when her lawyers pleaded for her immediate release.

Ayyan Ali will be released from Adiala Jail Rawalpindi once the jail authorities received the court orders.

Ali was charged with trying to smuggle $500,000 in her luggage on a Dubai-bound flight from Islamabad.

Her case is under investigation by the customs authorities.

Ali denies the charge, saying that she went to the airport to hand the money to her brother who was flying into the city that day. She maintains the money came from a property sale and she had no intention of smuggling it out of the country.

Many of Ayyan Ali’s fans feel the model has been unfairly targeted, and a Facebook page demanding her freedom has attracted more than 87,000 fans. Also, civil society members raised voice in her favour, staging protest demonstration in Islamabad.