Corruption in Sindh is a point that needs clarification: Aitzaz Ahsan


ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition in Senate Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP) Aitzaz Ahsan on Friday has said that how the authorities reached a conclusive figure of Rs 230 billion regarding corruption in Sindh is a point that needs clarification.


The second point to ponder is whether the said illegal practices have been going on for the past many years or not, he added. Ahsan said that the third point that needs to be discussed is the purpose of such revelations by the apex committee. He said that allegations disrupt the peaceful government processes.

The committee was briefed by the Rangers that Iran oil worth Rs 90 billion is smuggled every year. Ahsan urged a stern action against the culprits behind oil smuggling.

On June 11, Rangers Director General (DG) Bilal Akbar exposed an organized network of funding used for terrorist and criminal activities.

It was revealed during the briefing to the apex committee that Rs 230 billion are collected from illegitimate means every year. It was further revealed that the money earned through the illegal means is also distributed among the influential personalities and gang war groups.

The DG Rangers told that the crores of rupees are distributed to gang war factions that use it to buy weapons and to maintain armed groups. He said that the money is also used to fund and maintain militant wings of political and religious parties.

It was further revealed that money is forcefully taken in the name of Zakaat and Fitrah while the money obtained by collecting and selling skins of sacrificial animals also contribute a major portion into the fund.

Small markets, budget bazaars and even schools are regularly extorted and the amount collected from there amounts to several crore, it was learnt.

It was told that the land grabbing and china cutting is also distributed into three parts and that political parties, city district government, district administration and police are also the part of the mafia.

The participants in the apex committee were further told that a major political party acts as a patron of the possession mafia while other political leaders and builders are also part of this illegal business.

DG Rangers told that the amount earned through the smuggling of Iranian diesel is also a major source of funding for terrorism. He told the hoarding and illegal supply of water is also used for this purpose.

Other means of illegitimate sources of businesses include illegal wedding halls, parking areas, drugs, money laundering and match fixing.

He told the proceeds obtained through cyber crime and foreign funding to seminaries is also used to farther terrorist infrastructure.

In light of the details provided by DG Rangers, the apex committee decided to form a subcommittee that will soon begin operations.

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