Court adjourns Ayyan Ali indictment hearing till Sept 15


RAWALPINDI: Ayyan Ali’s indictment in the currency smuggling case has been adjourned till September 15.


Judge Rana Aftab Ahmed of the customs court heard the case on Friday.

Ayyan’s lawyer Sardar Lateef Khosa adopted the stance that custom authorities attained arrest warrant of property dealer and buyer but it could not be determined yet that whether they both are suspects or witnesses.

He said that a case is under hearing in Lahore High Court (LHC) regarding this issue and therefore; her client cannot be indicted until the verdict is announced.

On the other hand, custom intelligence has submitted reply in response to the plea regarding registering case against Ayyan Ali under money laundering sections.

Custom intelligence has stated in their reply that Ayyan lawyers have regarded her as a poet, writer, international model and cultural ambassador which is misleading.

The reply also said that solid proofs exist against the suspect therefore the court should direct to initiate investigation against the suspect after registering case against her.

The judge after hearing the arguments adjourned the indiction and issue of registering the case till September 15 as the case is still pending in LHC.