Crisis Management Cell sets up at Ministry of Foreign Affairs


ISLAMABAD: A Crisis Management Cell has been established at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad to deal with the situation arising out of Naltar tragedy.


Its number is 051-90569161.

According to Foreign Office spokesperson, Heads of Diplomatic Mission of more than thirty countries and their family members as well as some Pakistani dignitaries were flown to Gilgit by a C-130 aircraft on Friday morning.

From there, they were being taken to Naltar in four helicopters for a three-day excursion trip. The helicopter that crashed was carrying seventeen persons, seven of whom lost their lives.

The spokesperson said such excursion trips are regularly organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in consultation with the Diplomatic Corps.

He confirmed that the helicopter crashed while landing. Ambassadors of Norway and Philippines and spouses of Ambassador of Indonesia and High Commissioner of Malaysia have, tragically, lost their lives. Besides, two pilots and a crew of the helicopter have also died.

Ambassadors of the Netherlands and Poland have sustained injuries.