ECP to act opposed to multiple voting – ISLAMABAD

ISLAMABAD: In a major move, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Monday resolved to demand action against those who were found involved in casting bogus votes or more than one vote during the last year’s general elections.


The election committee decided to demand action opposed tot those people who had polled more than one ballot in last year’s general elections and in this regard sought data of the constituencies whose record had been verified by National Database and Registration Authority, Syed Sher Afgan said that those found guilty of casting more than one vote would be dealt under criminal laws and would be punishable up to three years.

The Finance Ministry, it has been taken, has declined to take the commission’s position on the grounds that the ministry has already supplied more than Rs 6.5 billion to the electoral body for last year’s general polls.

Below Section 80 of the Representation of People Act, 1976, a person is guilty of impersonation if he votes, or applies for a voting paper for voting, as any other person whether that ‘other person’ is dead, alive or fictitious.

For now, the ECP sought different details, adding thumbprints, from the election tribunals. DG ECP Sher Afgan, while briefing the media, said that the ECP had decided criminal proceedings opposed to those who had polled multiple votes.

The ECP also rejected a petition, filed by an independent candidate from Multan’s NA 151 constituency, seeking to invalidate the registration of Jamaat-I-Islami (JI).

Likewise, the ECP on Monday resolved to demand action opposed to those people who are found guilty of casting more than one vote in the May 2013 elections.


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