Eight militants killed, target killer arrested in Karachi

KARACHI: At least seven terrorists were wiped out in four separate armed encounters with the personnel of law-enforcement agencies in different areas of Karachi in Thursday’s wee hours.


Four terrorists were killed during armed encounters with police personnel in the megacity areas of Mochko and Docks.

Three gangsters hailing from Lyari’s Uzair Jan group were killed in an armed encounter in Mochko.

The terrorist who was killed in Docks was involved in sectarian targeted killings in the city, according to police.

According to SP City Fida Hussain, the killed felon used to take money from outlawed organizations for these killings.

Hand grenades, four 9MM pistols and bullets were recovered from the saboteurs, according to the police official.

Another armed encounter took place in the city area of New Karachi.

According to rangers spokesman, terrorists opened fire at the paratroopers as soon as they arrived in the metropolis area of New Karachi overnight for targeted operation.

The spokesman said two target killers were killed in retaliatory fire by the troopers.

The spokesman said the killed target killers were involved in different terrorist activities including targeted killings and sectarian killings.