Faisalabad: Woman who drinks acid dies after delivering baby

FAISALABAD: Tragedy struck after a woman could not take her unemployed husband’s nipping barbs over an electricity bill that they could not pay.


“ Samina, a resident of Kosarabad neighbourhood, unduly drew her fire from her spouse after the power utility slapped them with Rs4500 bill,” sources told Samaa.

As soon as they received the bill, her husband clobbered her with taunts that she was responsible for it because of not showing any care to save power.

“She was accused of wasting electricity by not switching off the lights and fans running unnecessarily,” sources said.

The mother of four could not take this uncalled-for humiliation at the hands of her chronically jobless and angry partner anymore and consumed acid to end not one but two lives – She was full-term pregnant.

Miraculously, Samina delivered a healthy baby boy at Allied Hospital of Faisalabad…before dying. Her husband is in a perpetual shock.

Sources further added the relatives of the deceased Samina do not want to take any legal action against her husband.