Fehmida Mirza breaks the ice

KARACHI: Former National Assembly Speaker and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Member National Assembly Fehmida Mirza today denounced the heavy deployment of police in Badin district of Sindh.


Addressing a press conference here, the wife of dissenter PPP leader Zuliqar Ali Mirza, said that illegal police raids were being conducted in Badin.

Police have been called in Badin district from across the province, Fehmida added.

“I strongly condemn police raids on poor people of Sindh,” Mirza said, expressing concerns about security of her husband.

“I am disappointed with the conduct of Sindh IG. I personally contacted him as he was the representative of federation”, Mirza further added.

“I did not face such situation even in 1997. Federal government should appoint a strong IG.”

She also called upon the Chief Justice of Supreme Court to take notice of the raid.

The former NA speaker feared that situation was being created in Badin to launch an operation.

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