FIA get Axact CEO Shoaib Shaikh on remand till 4th June


KARACHI: Axact’s CEO Shoaib Shaikh and at least six directors have been remanded in the custody of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) by a judicial magistrate until June 4, NewsOne reported.


According to details, Shaikh was presented before Judicial Magistrate Noor Muhammad in handcuffs. The cases registered against the accused are under Electronic Crime sections 36, 37 and 474 along with Pakistan Penal Code’s sections 468, 420, 470, 471 and 472.

The court allowed Shaikh to meet his lawyers for five minutes. The FIA asked the accused be remanded in custody for seven days for questioning which the court granted and ordered the accused be presented again on June 4.

Prior to being presented to court, Shaikh said he was not tortured by the FIA; however, he said, he was not provided with medicines.

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