FIA report – Musharraf treason case presented in special court

ISLAMABAD: On Wednesday, the interior ministry handed over the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) report and other documents to the prosecuting attorney during a hearing of former president Pervez Musharraf’s treason case


Interior ministry gave a 237-page report to the prosecutor of which 125 pages are various documents that were picked up by the government.

The abettors of the 2007 emergency decision as enlisted in the report, former Governor Punjab retired Lt-Gen Khalid Maqbool, Governor Sindh Ishratul Ibad, Sharifuddin Pirzada and former attorney general Malik Mohammad Qayyum, denied being accomplices to the alleged offense.

The legal team of the former president on April 24 had raised questions over the non-availability of the FIA’s inquiry report, accusing the prosecution of deliberately withholding the documents referred to the promulgation of the November 3, 2007 emergency and the Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO).

Nasim had also stated that it was an indispensable pillar of the criminal justice process that the accused be allowed to mark up his defense to the best of his abilities and this was only possible when the accused had access to all the information which the prosecution is relying upon in the sheath.

Throughout the proceedings, Justice Faisal Arab remarked that the Defense Secretary will be the first to record his statement and if he neglects to appear in the court they case may be thrown out.

The court summoned the Interior Secretary Shahid Khan on May 20, saying that failure to do hence could lead to ending of the case.


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