Five-storey residential building collapses in Karachi


KARACHI: A dilapidated five-storey residential building collapsed in Karachi’s Kharadar Old City Area here on Wednesday.


The condition of the building was extremely poor and was directed to be vacated by Commissioner Karachi during his visit.

On the contrary, Sindh Building Authority completely ignored the orders and while doing paperwork only snapped pictures of the building’s exterior part and went away.

Some parts of the building started to fall overnight whereas the other parts collapsed in daytime and suddenly the whole building devolved.

No lifeloss was reported as the residents vacated the building during night under self-help however; the people had to bear financial loss as their equipment was left in the building.

The residents were of the view that the owner was being asked to repair the building for past six months but he didn’t put a heed to it.

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